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ATTENTION Consultants, Coaches & B2B Business Owners
Unlock Explosive Growth:
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Revolutionize Your Consulting or B2B Business with our Proven System: Unleash an Endless Stream of Qualified Appointments and Transform Your Sales Pipeline - Guaranteed! Get a Minimum of 7 Appointments Every 30 Days or We Keep Working Until We Do!
Our Clients
Venetia Zannettis

Very professionally done

Thank you, Panagiotis and team, for setting up my online course. Very professionally done. Great communication. I am a happy customer.

Kypros Nicolaou

Very well presented

Panagiotis has helped me create a professional looking website that has multiple categories of fitness services and product. After meticulous work with Panagiotis the option for a visitor to surf , see in detail and get a product, has been very well presented.

Miltos George M.
Group Head of Growth | Product-Led Growth Advisor
I help startups scale from Bootstrap to $50M utilizing effective user acquisition strategies.

Rewarding experience

Collaborating with Panagiotis was a rewarding experience. His consistent availability and ability to provide robust solutions were noteworthy. The outreach system he developed stands as the most effective B2B lead generation strategy I have implemented to date.

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Here is what’s included

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Email Outreach Engine
Consistently bring in appointments every week with our expertly set up email outreach engine. From tech setup to email composition and follow-ups, we handle it all, ensuring your messages reach your prospects’ inboxes.

Fresh CRM Setup

Stay organized with a comprehensive CRM system to track prospects, deals, meetings, and communications.

CRM Reminders

Never miss a sales task with email reminders seamlessly integrated into your CRM.

Follow-up Email Templates

Effortlessly follow up with prospects using pre-designed email templates in your CRM, saving you time and effort. We’ll even handle all follow-ups during the first month.

Call Script and Training

Close more deals with a carefully crafted call script and training on objection handling.

Sales Presentation Template

Convert prospects into paying customers with our sales presentation template. We’ll assist you in preparing your first sales presentation.

Call Recording Reviewing

Improve your close ratio with our insightful call recording reviews. We’ll provide feedback on two calls during the first month and one call per month thereafter.

Email Deliverability Optimization

Ensure your emails land in the right inbox with our email deliverability optimization and mailbox warming techniques.

Ideal Client Persona Makeover

Refine your ideal client persona to focus on those you’ll love working with while avoiding energy vampires and problematic clients.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Makeover

Stand out from the crowd with a complete makeover of your USP, making you irresistible to prospects.

Offer Makeover

Craft an irresistible offer that leaves prospects feeling compelled to say yes.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise and clearly communicate how you can help potential clients.

Client Acquisition Sales Video Script

Create an amazing sales video that provides value to prospects and piques their interest in speaking with you. We’ll provide you with a script to guide you.
Transform Your Consulting or B2B Business Today!

Revolutionize Your Success with Our Proven System: Unleash an Endless Stream of Qualified Appointments and Transform Your Sales Pipeline -Guaranteed!

Get a Minimum of 7 Appointments Every 30 Days or We Keep Working Until We Do! Take the First Step Toward Success Now!
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